Jeff Gros (b. 1973, Los Angeles) is a product of California. His photos testify to fascinations off the beaten path, otherwise overlooked. As a youth growing up in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California, Jeff was influenced by punk rock and skateboarding. Jeff’s grandfather, a photographer, owned a camera store and gave him inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras, which fostered his interest in photography. Jeff took his first formal photography class at age 19. A documentary class shortly thereafter changed his relationship to photography and set aesthetic parameters for how he works today.

Jeff’s photographic training includes academic course work, workshops, and more than ten years of professional photographic experience. Jeff’s work has been published in ESPN The Magazine, Fast Company, Oxford American, and Rolling Stone. In addition to editorial assignments, Jeff enjoys offering photography to local and national nonprofit organizations.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Jeff’s photographs document life as it is, without cropping or enhancement. Fueled by genuine interest and an eye for the real, Jeff takes the time to discover and look for stories that other people aren’t telling and to share what is missed by social media and flybys. His photographs are paused moments in time that document history as it unfolds in the geometry of every day.